Things To Consider Before Purchasing New Packaging Machinery femc-admin October 21, 2014

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Purchasing a new packaging system can be a major investment for any organization. Choosing the best equipment requires more than simply writing a check. In fact, a thorough evaluation of current processes and equipment is the key to making sure that the right equipment is added to the manufacturing processes. Evaluate these items before purchasing new packaging machines:

Understand the flow. A detailed description of the way that the current system operates in all phases of production is the first step to evaluating the manufacturing process.

Location. Though the new packaging machinery may be added onto existing systems, it is critical to have an accurate measurement of the space the is available, in case components need to be moved or rerouted. Including measurements of room height, doorways and hallways that access the room are also important.

How fast? Knowing the current rates of production as well as what increases in speed are desired are all critical parts of defining which equipment will best suit the processes. Having this information handy will be helpful in choosing the best machinery for the product.

What is being packaged? A full list of what types of products are being packaged will help consultants to assist in making recommendations. Detailing these items should include whether they are liquid or not, and their viscosity and temperatures. Noting fill volumes are also important.

Environmental issues. If clean rooms, sterilization or other environmental issues are pertinent, it is critical to detail these.

Energy availability and cost. Some equipment requires multiple forms of energy. If vacuum, steam, heat, electric and compressed air are available, this is valuable information for a consultant. If they are not available, it is important to detail that as well.

Consider construction materials and costs. If there are certain materials that are preferable for the packaging system, or if the new set up will require a building addition or expansion, consider the cost of the additional construction as well as costs to do so.There are many considerations when expanding or updating a packaging system. Considering utility availability, construction costs, and line speeds as well as a host of other issues can help to define the needs of the organization. This type of thorough evaluation can decrease costs in the long run and help organizations to purchase the exact type of machinery that is needed.

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