Entree Packaging Systems

Entree Packager System FEMC Entree Packaging Systems are examples of the addage, “The sum is greater than the parts.” Integrated with an FEMC constructed conveyor, these packaging systems consist of any combination of FEMC Denesters, Piston Fillers, “Volume-Accurate™” Fillers, Heat Seals and/or Overcappers.

In addition, FEMC will gladly integrate 3rd Party Vendor equipment with your system. Examples of 3rd Party Equipment include, but are limited to, meat slicers, metal detectors, check-weighers, and net-weigh fillers.

Complete Entree Packaging Systems are available for single and multi-compartment containers. Continuous motion systems are capable of speeds up to 120 CPM per lane depending on tray size and material. Intermittent Motion Systems are available for speeds under 45 CPM.

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Entree Packaging Key Benefits

  • Ruggedly reliable design maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime
  • Designed for low maintenance and water washdown
  • Designed for maximum product flexibility. Change products, configurations, even trays – all on the same system** – Multi-tray configuration requires advance disclosure of container and product configurations prior to ordering



Independent Servo Motor Drives: This option allows each component to operate independent of the overall system yet, integrate fully via the system’s PLC controller. With this option, individual fillers, sealers and other components can be rolled in or out as needed — or even shared with other lines.

Device Net: Integrates information from your system with the rest of your plant


This continuous motion system featured an IQF vegetable fill, flowable desert product fill and hand placement of a protien prior to application of the peelable film. Speed of the system was 120 containers per minute.

Multi-compartment trays pass under the Angular Dial “Volume-Accurate™” Filler where the Funnel Dial Guides target individual pockets on the tray for filling with IQF vegetables.

The side belt transfer provides positive handling as filled containers are transferred to downstream applications. Sealed product are transferred to another application for final packaging.


The system to the right is filling and sealing trays at 300 CPM, 150 CPM/ lane. Automate the filling of your products with our Volumetric and Piston Block Fillers. This system utilizes a Platen Head Heat Seal System to seal the polyester film to a CPET tray.