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Tray Packaging Systems

You might think that your most important business decision might be staffing, or which product to manufacture first, or what to call your business. What if that isn’t the case? What if what you use to manufacture your products with is the most critical decision – the one on which your success or failure hangs? When you are setting up your manufacturing business or expanding your operations, clearly one of the most critical choices you can make is what equipment you choose to run your business.

While many manufacturers may try to fit their products into your processes, calling what they do “customizing” when it is more like putting a square peg into a round hole. Unlike others in our industry, FEMC’s restacking, denesting and packaging machines are all built with a modular design, offering you real customization and an ability to respond to your particular needs and applications.

In addition to offering you manufacturing equipment that can be arranged to your particular needs for today, FEMC also understands that your business may change over time. Our restacking, denesting and packaging configurations all incorporate changeover features that make expansion and rearranging your line possible without having to invest in all new machinery. This flexible, dynamic system allows your packaging line to grow with your business, easily adapting to changes in the types of products you need to package as well as adapting to changes in trays or demand.

Located in Bedford Heights, Ohio, FEMC services a variety of clients throughout the United States. With our talented engineering department and knowledgeable service and installation technicians, your business will be up and running with new equipment in a short amount of time. Our customer service is unparalleled as we work with you throughout your project, from concept development and interviews all the way to final testing and training. FEMC will also be there for you and your business should you ever have an issue with your packaging equipment. Friendly, expert staff will quickly attend to your line, getting it up and running as soon as possible.

While there are so many important decisions to make when you are either starting a manufacturing business or expanding an existing one, the most critical one is what type of equipment you will use and who you will buy it from. With FEMC, you can be assured that you will receive focused customer service, a truly customizable system and technical expertise that will keep your line running for the long term. For more information on FEMC and what we can do for you, contact us today!

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