Baby Wipe Packaging Systems femc-admin October 21, 2014

Complete Baby Wipe Packaging Systems are available for speeds up to 240 tubs per minute. The system to the left is a single lane tub packaging system that will package up to 100 TPM. These systems are continuous and intermittent motion. (This page contains pictures of continuous motion systems only.)

An automatic towel feeding and loading system will accept towels at random from a towel folding/ converting system and will stage and load the towels into the tubs. A rotary die cut system is utilized to cut the film into the shape of the tub. The precut film is sealed to the trays and the excess film web is rewound.

A Platen Head Heat Seal System seals the film to the tub. The sealing temperature, dwell, and pressure are completely adjustable. Quick disconnect features allow for quick and simple access to the heads for preventative maintenance.

Platen Head Heat Seal System for a dual lane continuous packaging system. The Capper will place and securely snap the lid onto the tub. The Ultrasonic Welding assembly will weld the lid to the tub to allow for a hinged package. Final product exits the single lane packaging system and is presented to a series of labelers and case packing equipment.

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