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Have you been frustrated with your current tray packaging system, or are you ready to expand or reconfigure your processing line? If so, then see what FEMC has to offer. For any packaging business, working with trays can be challenging due to the variations in their sizes, materials and the difficulty of getting each piece correctly sealed to prevent food contamination and loss. FEMC’s tray packaging systems, including our line of denesters, board lid placers and platen head heat seal systems are ideal for those businesses who focus on tray-based products and manufacturing.

Our tray packaging system offers flexibility and versatility, while maintaining accuracy as well as ease of use. While other manufacturers may offer you their “custom” components that simply don’t work with your existing line, FEMC’s machinery is truly customizable, with a modular design that can handle up to eighty containers per minute with a dual lane configuration. Featuring a rugged and reliable design that is easy to operate and maintain, our tray packaging systems are designed to make sure that each tray has an accurate seal. Using a dual head platen heat seal system, our components can easily adapt to a wide variety of tray sizes and shapes. With a variety of speeds and configurations available, the product fill zone can be customized to your particular application and needs.

What makes our Tray Packaging Systems unique in the packaging industry? Not only are our systems based on a modular format that can be expanded or changed easily, we offer excellent technical customer service. From the moment that you contact us regarding your need for a tray packaging system, we will work diligently to help conceptualize exactly the right system to address the needs of your business in a format that can be expanded as your business grows. Our technical installation team will work with your staff to reconfigure your line and train them on how to use our FEMC tray packaging systems. Should you ever experience a challenge with one of our components, one call will result in our expert engineering staff quickly resolving the problem so that you can get back to work.

If you need tray packaging systems, or any type of denesting or restacking machine, contact FEMC. With our decades of knowledge, we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and come up with a custom solution for your business, helping you to increase your efficiency and profitability. Contact us today!

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