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Choosing The Best Non-Food Packaging System

In today’s challenging economic environment, every business is looking for ways to easily adapt their existing equipment to offer more products and services. Adding an overcapper or crimper system to your packaging line can give you added flexibility and versatility to add more products to your line, responding to changes and needs in the market.

What do overcappers and crimpers do? Simply put, overcappers are used to apply a variety of caps to containers. Whether used as part of the heat sealing process or as the main option for sealing the package contents, the main benefit of an overcapper is that it can easily and efficiently apply snap on caps. Crimping systems are also a key component of packaging systems as they apply accurate, positive seals to food-filled trays. FEMC’s overcappers and crimpers even come in a type 316/316L stainless steel configuration for dairy and high acid food packaging.

Overcappers and crimpers offer more than just a way to seal your products. Consider these benefits to adding one of these systems to your line:

    • Overcapping packaging machines offer specialized lidding systems with rotating action. This simple action helps keep lids separate before they are sent out one-by-one onto the line.
  • Overcapping is versatile. Since it can be used as the single source of sealing packages, as well as being used after heat sealing, having an FEMC overcapping process offers you additional services to offer to your customers.
  • Crimping systems guarantee an excellent seal. After depositing food products into a tray, FEMC’s crimping systems have Delrin shoes that not only pinch in the tray lid from the sides, but secure the tray lid from the bottom as well.

Crimping offers speed to a hand placed lid process. With the ability to process as many as thirty containers per minute, using one of FEMC’s crimping systems can increase your productivity. With additional lines, additional levels of production can be easily achieved.
So many packaging systems only focus on getting the product into the package itself and simply ignore the lidding part of the process. With FEMC’s overcapping systems and crimpers, you can be sure that your product will be protected and processed with the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. With the simple addition of these components, you will open your business up to new products and clients that will help you to expand your organization’s offerings. Contact FEMC today for more information on how our overcapping and crimping systems can be added easily to your existing line.

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