What to Look for in a Liquid Filling Machine femc-admin October 21, 2014

What to look for in a liquid filling machine.

Having a myriad of services available in today’s competitive marketplace is one way that you can differentiate yourself from your competition. The packaging industry is one of business that can benefit from flexible service offerings. If you are considering purchasing a liquid filling machine to increase your operational capacity and customer options, then you may have many questions. Before you decide which liquid filling machine to purchase, consider these questions:

Will it grow with my business? Adding a liquid filling machine to your packaging operation should give you more options over time. Check to make sure that the system you are considering can be expanded or adapted as your business, customers and needs grow.

Will it work with the equipment I already have? Most packaging businesses have invested a considerable amount in their existing equipment. Figuring out if the system you are looking at will work with the equipment you already have on-site is really important. There is nothing worse than committing to a new system and finding out that it simply won’t work with your existing setup.

What are the optimum speeds? As anyone who has run a packaging business for any time knows, speed is one of the qualities that can make or break a relationship with a customer who has time sensitive product to package. Knowing what your new system is capable of will help you to determine if this is a good fit for your business or not.

Can I add an additional belt to increase production? Additional business growth demands flexibility in your packaging machinery. One key consideration is to make sure that your new system has the capacity to add a new liquid filling belt. With an additional filling line, you can virtually double your ability to fill packaging in short order. Understanding the possibilities or limits of your new system is critical before committing to a new piece of equipment.

What liquids can the machine handle? While liquid fillers are generally flexible in the type of materials that they can handle, there are situations that can be challenging. Make sure that you understand what types of materials can be handled, from the very thin to the very heavy in viscosity.

There are many options in today’s liquid filling machines – ones that can make a significant difference for your organization over the long term. Taking time to ask these questions can help you make an excellent decision about which equipment will assist your business in growing. Do you still have questions about liquid filling options? If so, contact FEMC today for more information on customizable, flexible filling options.

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