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Angular Dial Volumetric Filler

VolFillerDesigned for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) products such as vegetables, fruits and meats, or dry products such as cereal, the FEMC Angular Dial Filler’s unique angled design minimizes product damage yet maintains positive weight control.

This filler’s angled design uses the force of gravity and a gentle slope to level the pockets. This significantly reduces the amount of product shearing and damage that is typically associated with a volumetric filler. In addition, the telescoping, self-leveling pockets easily and accurately control the volume of product delivered. These pockets can be adjusted on the fly and are interchangeable, without the use of tools.

FEMC-VideoIcon-Oct14 click here for video of Jellybeans

FEMC-VideoIcon-Oct14 click here for video of Tater Tots

Key Benefits

  • Manages IQF/Dry foods
  • Cost vs. Net Weigh Systems with nearly equal accuracy
  • Self Leveling Pockets
  • Gentle Dispensing
  • 5 minute “tool-less” changeover

Option(s): Independent Drive – Electric Servo Motor Drive allows the filler to interface with multiple systems simply by rolling it up to the line.

For additional information, you may download our newest brochure on the Angular Dial Volumetric Filler in PDF format (@ 380K).

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