The Flexibility of Particulate (Dry) Fillers femc-admin October 21, 2014

The Flexibility of Particulate (Dry) Fillers.

Packaging companies earn their success by their ability to follow their customer’s specifications. Getting the right amount of product into the appropriate packaging in a timely manner can seem like a simple process, but without the correct equipment, it can be nothing short of a nightmare. Adding a new particulate machine to your operations can open doors to new customers, industries and contracts that can help to make you successful.

Overfilling of containers is one of the biggest problems with particulate filling equipment. With today’s new innovations, that is no longer an issue. New particulate filling equipment can help your business to offer a wide range of services to a wide variety of industries. From powders and granules to pellets and tablets, your business will have the flexibility to offer your services to a wide range of manufacturers. Being able to ensure accuracy is one of the cornerstones of new particulate equipment.

Another benefit to having a new particulate system available to you is that you can now offer your services to multiple industries. Consider these applications for your new particulate filling equipment:

Chemical companies. Chemical companies have a need to carefully pack dry substances to be shipped to industrial and mining organizations. Because of their nature, your new particulate filling packaging can ensure the right amount of product goes into the right packaging, helping to create a safe working environment for users.

Pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies need help packing their medicines into containers to be shipped to hospitals, medical clinics and doctors offices around the globe. New particulate equipment can give you the confidence that you are properly handling valuable medicines while they are being held at your facility.

Explosive materials. Dry filling machines are particularly helpful for precise applications such as explosive materials. For companies involved in everything from pyrotechnics to demolition, knowing their materials are accurately weighed and packaged is a critical part of their business. Having new, precisely calibrated machinery can make your company a great fit for packaging materials for this industry.

Agricultural materials. Everything from fertilizer to seeds to animal feeds are all excellent uses for your new particulate packaging equipment. In areas where there is a great deal of farmland, livestock and harvesting, your operation can become a critical part of the local economy.

Having an updated particulate filling system can offer your business flexibility and new customer options in a variety of industries. If you are interested in how a new dry filling machine can benefit your business, contact FEMC today!

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