Piston Filler

x-2-out Capable of dispensing everything from water to cottage cheese, and adhesives to soap, with an incredible accuracy. FEMC fillers maintain this level of accuracy with virtually no product distortion, even on products as delicate as potato salad.

Learn more about the versatility of FEMC piston fillers.

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Key Benefits

  • Filler-products Five-minute, “tool-less” product changeover
  • USDA and/or 3-A Sanitary (dairy) approved
  • Multiple out configurations from 1–8 dispensing nozzles



2-Out-with-XY2 Construction Options:

  • Type 316/316L Stainless Steel Construction for dairy and high acidity applications
  • Pneumatically controlled systems (for non-electric environments)

Traveling Head Options:

  • Orbital Head (increases fill time in the product zone)
  • X-Y Axis Traveling Head (maximizes fill time in the product zone)

Hopper Options:

  • Liquid level controls
  • Blender Options
  • Heated/Jacketed
  • Automatic Tilt (For ease of cleanout/maintenance)

General Options:

  • No container / No fill (minimizes waste)

Dispensing Valve Options:

  • Shaped orifice, spreader valves, cone valves, 3-stage valves