Roller Drum Heat Sealer

Roller Drum Heat Sealer

Roller Drum Heat Sealer The Roller Drum Heat Sealer is best suited for the sealing of lighter films and lids to a variety of plastic, aluminum, paperboard and PET trays. Because of the shorter sealing times, the Roller Drum Heat Sealer can operate at higher production speeds making it a very cost effective solution. The best possible seal is assured for every container by placing at least two (2) specialized, but different sealing drums in contact with each container — a feature unique to FEMC Roller Drum Heat Sealers. The temperature and pressure of each sealing drum is independently controlled.

Under optimal conditions, a single lane Roller Drum Heat Sealer is capable of sealing as many as 150 containers per minute. Utilizing multiple rollers and/or multiple lanes, FEMC can manufacture systems capable of meeting even the most demanding production requirements.

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pbox Key Benefits:

  • Up to 150 containers per minute
  • Accurate, positive seals
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Straightforward operator controls minimize errors and speed-up container/film changeovers


  • Type 316/316L Stainless Steel Construction -For dairy and high acidity applications
  • Recessed Sealing Heads – Accommodates high product without damaging sealing heads or product
  • Interchangeable Carriers – Allows for “tool-less” product changeovers
  • Interchangeable Rollers – Allows for product changeovers
  • Die Cut Film Blade – Shapes film/removes excess
  • Film Registration – Allows for accurate printed film placement in relation to the container
  • Dual Roll Stock Feed – Allows operator to keep one roll of film stock pre-loaded ahead of need
  • Pre-cut Lid Placer – Reduces daily production expenses by eliminating the scrap that results from die-cut options

For additional information, you may download our newest brochure on the FEMC Heat Seals in PDF format (@ 628K).