Platen Head Heat Seal femc-admin October 21, 2014

Seal it faster accurately automatically with FEMC's Platen Head Heat Sealer.

Platen Head Heat Sealer

The Platen Head Heat Seal is best suited for heavy sealing films or high-temperature, ovenable films that require extended sealing times and greater sealing pressures. The temperature, pressure and dwell time of each sealing head is independently controlled, ensuring the best possible seal for every container. In addition, Platen Head Heat Seals are available in both intermittent and continuous motion configurations. One is certain to be right for your application.

Under optimal conditions, a single lane Platen Head Heat Seal is capable of sealing a maximum of 50 containers per minute. Utilizing multiple rollers and/or multiple lanes, FEMC can manufacture systems capable of meeting even the most demanding production requirements.

Features of an FEMC Platen Head Heat Sealer.

Continuous or indexing motion.
Double film roll.
High pressure and precise.
Adjustable heat.

Benefits of owning an FEMC Platen Head Heat Sealer.


Seamlessly meet your production goals.


Compact and mobile to get in where it fits in.

Return on Investment

Our machines pay for themselves within the first 13 months on average. Contact us for a FREE ROI analysis!

See the features and benefits in action.

Get this FEMC Platen Head Heat Sealer in an industry standard.

We have options suitable for any production environment. Don’t see what you need? No worries, just ask us for a custom solution!

Beast Mode

  • IP Rating
  • 66-69
  • Construction
  • Stainless Steel, Food Grade Plastics
  • Environment
  • Immersively Wet
  • Food Safe?
  • Yes
  • Products
  • Ready to eat, Raw Meat, Dairy

Average Joe

  • IP Rating
  • 65
  • Construction
  • Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Food Grade Plastics
  • Environment
  • Indirectly Wet
  • Food Safe?
  • Yes
  • Products
  • Bakery, Frozen Foods

Slim Jim

  • IP Rating
  • 54-55
  • Construction
  • Anodized Aluminum, Mild Steel, Plastics
  • Environment
  • Dry
  • Food Safe?
  • No
  • Products
  • Durable Goods

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