Platen Head Heat Seal

PHHS-01 The Platen Head Heat Seal is best suited for heavy sealing films or high-temperature, ovenable films that require extended sealing times and greater sealing pressures. The temperature, pressure and dwell time of each sealing head is independently controlled, ensuring the best possible seal for every container. In addition, Platen Head Heat Seals are available in both intermittent and continuous motion configurations. One is certain to be right for your application.

Under optimal conditions, a single lane Platen Head Heat Seal is capable of sealing a maximum of 50 containers per minute. Utilizing multiple rollers and/or multiple lanes, FEMC can manufacture systems capable of meeting even the most demanding production requirements.

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pbox Key Benefits

  • Up to 50 containers per minute
  • Accurate, positive seals
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Straightforward operator controls minimize errors and speed-up container/film changeovers


  • Type 316/316L Stainless Steel Construction – For dairy and high acidity applications
  • Recessed Sealing Heads – Accommodates high product without damaging sealing heads or product
  • Interchangeable Carriers – Allows for “tool-less” product changeovers
  • Interchangeable Rollers – Allows for product changeovers
  • Die Cut Film Blade – Shapes film/removes excess
  • Film Registration – Allows for accurate printed film placement in relation to the container
  • Dual Roll Stock Feed – Allows operator to keep one roll of film stock pre-loaded ahead of need
  • Pre-cut Lid Placer – Reduces daily production expenses by eliminating the scrap that results from die-cut options
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging System – Extends the shelf life of sealed product
  • Multiple Sealing Heads – Increases production speeds (call for details)
  • Time, Pressure and Temperature Recorder – Keeps a record of critical parameters over time

For additional information, you may download our newest brochure on the FEMC Heat Seals in PDF format (@ 628K).