Heat Sealers

FEMC Heat Sealers

FEMC offers a wide variety of heat sealer machines that can be adapted to virtually any use. With Roller Drum heat seal systems as well as Platen Head systems and Board Lid sealers, FEMC has the sealing system that will minimize your production time and increase your accuracy, saving on waste and time.

Our Roller Drum heat seal systems are perfect for use with aluminum, plastic, PET trays and paperboard. Used for sealing film to these materials, FEMC’s quick sealing time offers high production rates and increased cost effectiveness by sealing up to 150 containers per minute. How have we achieved such a rapid sealing rate? FEMC’s Roller Drum heat sealing system utilizes two individual heated sealing drums to make sure that seals are secure. Only utilized in FEMC equipment, the two-drum system has individual controls for temperature and pressure. In addition, a multiple lane configuration is possible to respond to additional production demands. Straightforward controls make FEMC’s Roller Drum system easy to use and maintain. This system offers a full variety of options, including: recessed sealing heads, interchangeable carriers, interchangeable rollers, die cut film blades, film registration, a dual roll stock feed and a pre-cut lid placer. Constructed of type 316/316L stainless steel, the system can be used for both high acid and dairy products.

Another sealer in FEMC’s line is our Platen Head Heat Seal. It is a rugged system designed for heavy sealing films or high-temperature oven safe films. With independent controls for both temperature, pressure and dwell time, Platen Head heat seals are even offered in both intermittent and continuous motion configurations. Even with a single lane of a Platen Head system, FEMC systems can seal up to 50 containers per minute. Additional rollers and lanes make this FEMC system suitable for the largest manufacturing processes. Options for the Platen Head heat seal systems include recessed sealing heads, interchangeable carriers and rollers, a die cut film blade and film registration, a dual roll stock feed, a pre-cut lid placer, modified atmosphere packaging system, multiple sealing heads and a time, pressure and temperature recorder.

The final tool in FEMC’s sealer line is the Board Lid Sealer, which offer a peelable board lid packaging system that features a platen head heat seal system, denesters and board lid placers. Changeover between packaging trays and lid sizes is tool-less. This system also offers a sealing sector with HMI and out-feed, a board lid placer, a board lid denester and board lid placer. With fast production of up to 40 containers per minute per lane, optional additional lanes can increase production with straightforward operator controls.

As you can see, FEMC offers a full line of sealers that are designed for heavy, long-term use. For more information on FEMC products, contact us today!

For additional information, you may download our newest brochure on the FEMC Heat Seals in PDF format (@ 628K).

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