What Is Denesting? femc-admin March 19, 2018

Stacking your product is efficient. Unstacking your product is not.

Denesters automate and accelerate your manufacturing process.

We take automation for granted so often.  Denesting a stack of cups to be placed into packaging or separating trays so that they can be prepped for use would take hours to do by hand.  Denesting machines revolutionized the way our products are produced and prepared for shipping. The technology behind our denesters is amazing—with incredible sensitivity to the weight, strength and overall size of the products they encounter.

The applications are endless. Think of these products that can be nested together:

Food Trays

Paint Buckets

Toy Sand Buckets

Styrofoam and Paper Cups

Traffic Cones


Food Containers


Denesters can be stand-alone or line mounted to accommodate your needs. FEMC has denesters that can be converted to work on different types of products in about 5 minutes, and with no tools. Our denesters are versatile and can handle whatever your production line throws at them.  There are literally thousands of containers and styles that would be compatible with our denester products.

Whether you are just getting started on your manufacturing process and you are looking for your first denester, or you are looking to purchase new or additional denesters to increase your production, FEMC has a product to suit your needs! Contact us today to speed up the way you do business.

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