Servo-Denester Servo-Driven Standalone Universal Screw Denester

Designed to automatically denest and accurately place trays, lids, cups or any items that possess uniform stacking features. Every Universal Screw Denester is adjustable for any size container without the need for tools and can reach speeds approaching 400 containers per minute!

FEMC-VideoIcon-Oct14  click here for video of servo-driven denester

Key Benefits

  • Works instantly with 1,000’s of existing containers
  • Accurate, positive and adjustable container placement
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • “Tool-less” 5-minute container changeover

servo-w-containers Options and Accessories

  • Angular Stacking Rods (accommodates larger no. of containers)
  • Typle 314/314L Stainless Steel Construction (for dairy & high acidity)
  • Large Aperture (for containers larger than 10″ parallel to direction of travel)
  • No container/No place
  • Automatic Tray Loader (places stacks of containers into magazine without user intervention
  • Input (Encoder, limit switch, signal, electric eye, etc.)


For additional information, you may download our newest brochure on the Servo-Driven Standalone Universal Screw Denester in PDF format (@ 320K).