Pick and Place Denester nathan dodds October 11, 2022

Automation at it's finest.

The impeccable FEMC Pick and Place Denester.

Automation at it's finest.

The FEMC Pick & Place Denester.

Exceed Expectations.

When you need accurate pick and place denesting abilities for custom integrations, look no further than FEMC’s pick and place denesters. We can provide a unique denesting solution for any item with a unique stacking feature, whether they are trays, lips, or cups. These denesters are ideal for a variety of industries, from cosmetics to food and beverage.

This is an infographic detailing the features of an FEMC pick and place denester.

FEMC Pick & Place Denester Features

We make it look easy.

The features of our Pick and Place Denester have been honed and standardized to accomodate any, and all products thrown our way.

Continuous or indexing motion.
Multiple head configurations for higher speeds.
Plug and play integration.
Mobile on casters to position over conveyor.
Height adjustable.
Fully adjustable for different sized products.

Benefits of owning an FEMC Pick & Place Denester.


Seamlessly meet your production goals.


Compact and mobile to get in where it fits in.

Return on Investment

Our machines pay for themselves within the first 13 months on average. Contact us for a FREE ROI analysis!

Witness the features and benefits of an FEMC Pick & Place Denester in action.

Witness the features and benefits of an FEMC Pick & Place Denester in action.

Tap the button, solve all your problems.

Are you ready to put a denesting solution in place that will transform your production line? Reach out today to speak to a FEMC team member. We are the leaders in denesting technology for more than 45 years.

Innovating the customer experience.

A FREE service offered to our loyal customers. If your organization owns an FEMC machine, reach out to Nate and schedule an appointment to get onboarded to FEMC+!

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