Improve Your Bottom Line With FEMC Denesters

Denesting automation is the pacesetter for your entire production process. With so much at stake, it’s important to have a reliable system you can count on. FEMC is the industry expert in denesting automation and offers a variety of machines to fit virtually any need. Whether you are hand placing, starting a new line, or replacing an existing system that is giving you trouble, FEMC can help! Denesting automation can be used with plastic, paper, foam, metal, and more materials for applications in industries such as:

  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Meat packing
  • Frozen meals
  • Container production
  • Produce packing
  • Single-serve foods
  • Co-pack labeling

If you need to reduce labor, increase throughput, or minimize downtime, contact FEMC to find out what solutions are available to achieve your goals!


Why Are Denesting Solutions Important?

The efficiency of all downstream systems after the materials are placed on the line can only be as good as the system at the beginning of the process. Manually placing products can be slow and inconsistent. Other denesting machines can be limited in regards to efficiency, speed, and ease of changeover between products.

FEMC denesters are built for decades of durability, and they show up to work every day! Our machines are built to minimize maintenance and maximize uptime. With specially designed separating features available nowhere else on the market, FEMC denesters can accommodate a wide range of materials with simplified setups incorporated into our designs.


FEMC Denesting Solutions

FEMC has a lot of options in our toolbox to achieve your denesting automation goals.