Non-Food Packaging Systems femc-admin September 9, 2014

Choosing The Best Non-Food Packaging System

If your business has been focused on the food side of the packaging industry, then you may have considered which restacking machines, denesters and packaging options will work for food items. However; if you are thinking of expanding your options by adding non-food items to your packaging line, then there are some considerations to think about before purchasing new equipment.

Since non-food items have different chemical properties than food items, and fall under different regulations, there are many aspects of the process to think about. Viscosity and product properties are just one of those considerations. While there are certainly differences in the viscosity of food products, non-food products may offer a greater challenge. Due to the variety of products on the market, packaging experts must be ready to deal with everything from thin, watery liquids, to thick and viscous formulations or products may even have a chemical composition that causes them to drip or string. Additional aspects to consider include whether or not your new products will foam or have chunks or large amounts of particulates. Different types of filling machines will work best for these types of substances.

No matter the type of product that you are seeking to package, FEMC has a packaging system that will work. For more viscous products, a piston filler is the optimal choice. With the ability to easily adapt to formulations for shampoo, paste cleaners, hair gel, face creams and wax-based products, piston filling machines offer the flexibility that you need. For more versatility, adding a vacuum filler to your line will allow you to work with low to medium viscosity items. FEMC’s vacuum fillers can provide an excellent solution for items such as perfumes, alcohol, nail polish, thin paints, inks, specialty chemicals and essential oils. In addition, our vacuum fillers work with products that have a tendency to foam, allowing you to get accurate amounts of product into each package without the concern of uneven levels at the end of the packaging cycle. Clearly, having the ability to adapt to a wide variety of product formulations and variations offers your organization the ability to reach new markets and new customers.

For companies that are seeking to add non-food packaging options to their facilities, FEMC offers a range of options that will make dealing with low to high viscosity substances simple and easy. With our vacuum and piston-based packaging systems, FEMC’s machines can handle everything from runny perfume to sticky hair gel. Want more information on how FEMC can help you to expand your packaging options? Contact us today for more information on how our solutions can help you to be more efficient and profitable.

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