German PMI Dips: What Does This Mean for the US? nathan dodds June 23, 2023

German PMI Dips: What Does This Mean for the US?


The global interconnectedness of economies often means that when one major player sneezes, others catch a cold. This adage seems particularly fitting as we take a closer look at the recent Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) numbers out of Germany.

German Manufacturing PMI in June

June’s manufacturing sector report revealed a dip that was steeper than anticipated. The German Manufacturing PMI fell to 41.0, against an expectation of 43.5 and a previous score of 43.2. This score marked a 37-month low for Europe’s economic powerhouse.

Services PMI Also Down

Similarly, the Services PMI experienced a sharp drop from 57.2 in May to 54.1 in June, going against an expected reading of 56.2. This marks the lowest level of PMI in this sector in the last three months.

Potential Impacts on the US Economy

The plummeting PMI in Germany, one of the world’s leading manufacturing nations, is likely to have significant effects globally. For the US, the ramifications could be profound.

The decline could disrupt supply chains, impacting US manufacturers who rely on German inputs. Additionally, a weaker manufacturing sector in Germany may result in reduced demand for US exports to the region.

Moreover, as Germany’s economic health often serves as a bellwether for the health of the broader European Union (EU) economy, this downturn might signify wider issues across the EU – a major trading partner for the US.


While it’s too early to make definitive predictions, the recent PMI numbers out of Germany certainly merit attention. US businesses and policymakers must stay vigilant and prepare for potential impacts. As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, understanding these international domino effects is crucial for maintaining resilience and competitive edge.

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